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What should I wear?

The simpler the better. Try to keep the number of different colours down to three or four. Colours should be similar, but not exactly matching on every family member.


Similar or complimentary colour tones and fabrics work well. For example, all the colours could be bright, or all subtle. If you have time and the inclination, lay all the clothes out on a bed, and see if anything stands out as not fitting in.


Colours that compliment your skin tones, hair and eye colour are fabulous; for example, a T-shirt with blue tones on a kid with bright blue eyes.


Try to avoid large logos, patterns or stripes on your clothing.


It will look better if you are in the same style – all dressy or all casual.


If you would like outfit changes for the kids during the photo shoot is fine.


Also if a child has any favourite toys, dolls, cars, blankies etc these can relax and put a child at ease making the photo session run smoother! They can also look great in photos and be a memory of the time.

Some extra ideas for girls can be hairclips, headbands, hats, tiara’s, wands, tutus etc


For boys, superhero outfits, cars, trains, hats, beanies



After the photo session/event

You will receive a sneak peak of photos on facebook 1 - 4 days after your photo shoot. Please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for you USB to be ready and sent to you.


Photo sessions are booked on the understanding that on the day of your session you will sign a model copyright release.


Derek Stalley Photography retains copyright of all images produced. Images can not be reproduced for commercial purposes and are for personal use only.



Payment to be made on day of photo shoot in cash or by bank transfer prior to your photo shoot.

Where should I have my photo shoot?

Derek is happy to photograph at a location of your choice. If you would like Derek to suggest some locations he would be happy to help!

What time are the photo sessions?

Derek is a natural light photographer - the best times to photograph is either early in the morning or in the afternoon.


Depending on time of year these sessions -

Morning sessions could start from 6 - 10am or

Afternoon sessions could start from 2pm - just before sunset!

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